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Welcome to Corset Heaven

Timeless elegance, seductive style, modern fabrics, unrivalled service.

Here at Corset Heaven Home, we are totally dedicated to corsets and corsetry. We pride ourselves upon our high standard of finest quality tight lacing corsets and first class customer care. By the way, you can find new Corset Heaven coupon on popular deals website.

Corset Heaven offers beautiful tight lacing, waist reducing corsets. Drawing on the timeless elegance of the classic corset and using a stunning range of modern luxury fabrics. Corset Heaven has brought together a dazzling collection of corsets, manufactured for the modern day lifestyle. All of our corsets feature traditional back lacing and spiral steel boning. Our corsets are designed to give up to a 6 inch waist reduction and beautiful hourglass figure, with gentle provocative curves. More information is available on this page.

Corset Heaven understands that customers have different budgets and requirements for their corsets; from occasional nights out to daily.

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We have therefore introduced a new range of into our collection. Still made to a high standard with spiral steel boning, these corsets represent great value and complement our collections of renowned and . Of course we still offer our of corsets available in both standard sizes and with a made to measure option. Our offer excellent value ensuring you get a bespoke fit. New to our range are also specialist daily / daily fully customized to your requirements. Read more on Corset Codepen.

We have corsets for every occasion; casual daywear corsets; evening wear corsets; prom corsets; and ultimate boudoir corsets. All our corsets are designed to make the wearer feel confident, sexy, glamorous and fun line on Ello Heaven.

Why not stop by our Corset Heaven Forum, a great place to chat to other corset lovers and our resource pages contain a wealth of corset information; advice and links.