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waist cincher

waist cincher

waist cincher


Beautiful lingerie to compliment your corset

Vollers Corsets

Vollers Corset Company is one of the oldest established corset makers in the world. They continue to produce traditionally made, steel boned corsets, renowned for their high quality and authenticity since 1899. Vollers beautiful authentic designs are based on original historical patterns reminiscent of the 19th century. Each Vollers corset is individually crafted from start to finish in their own factory in Portsmouth England, using the finest steel hardware, materials and fabrics available. See more on Youtube Corset channel.

Vollers Corset range is among the most affordable corset lines in the world. Universal in its appeal, it offers exquisite designs that cater to all tastes and markets including traditional, classic, elegant, bridal, fetish, gothic, and transgender. Customers can choose from a variety of colors and textures, in exceptional fabrics of satin, brocade, Chinese silk, velvet, leather, pvc, denim, glitter and more. Corset Heaven on Liveinternet.

The pictures below represent a small selection of the we stock. Please use the side menu to browse the full ranges. Corset Heaven on Ultimate Guitar.



come in a range of materials. Please check the swatches page for options.
Please check our quick reference page for Vollers to check price against model numbers.


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