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waist cincher

waist cincher

waist cincher


Beautiful lingerie to compliment your corset


Please find below a list of commonly asked questions.

Your items such as lingerie and corsets seem expensive!

Yes they are and we do not hide this fact. They are the very best on the market and the price reflects the exclusivity and quality of these items. We do try and keep our prices lower than the competition and often have discounts and sales to make looking beautiful a little cheaper. Corset Heaven on Codecademy.

What currency will I be billed in?

CorsetHeaven are a UK based Corsets company that sell worldwide, although the site is highly customised to allow shopping in your regional currency your billing will be in £ sterling. You will see the sterling amount on the check out page and your confirmation mail will be in Sterling. Corset Heaven on Authorstream.

My Cart value is showing wrong?

CorsetHeaven shopping cart uses cookies. Occasionally there can be problems with this cookie. To reset to cart please quit all internet windows and return to the site. Your can then continue shopping in whichever currency you wish.

I wish to order in other values than dollar, euro and sterling.

Work is being undertaken to add other currencies to the cart. If you have a particular desire to shop in a certain currency then please mail us at sales[at] and we will put this currency to the top of our list. Corset Heaven on Buzzfeed.

I have other issues I wish to discuss

Please feel free to email us at sales[at]
Please note auto mailing buttons have been removed to avoid farming of our email address's by spammers.


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