Choose a Corset for Your Doll

There are different types of corsets:

Underbust corsets

Underbust Corsets

Underbust corsets, or waist cinchers as they are sometimes known, reduce the waist by up to four inches, creating a beautiful hourglass shape. Our underbust corsets are all made with spiral steel boning, steel front busk fasteners, metal grommets and include a waist tape for added strength. Our underbust corsets are fully lined and laced at the back with nylon corset lacing. Underbust corsets are amazingly versatile and look amazing worn over a dress or top, complementing trousers or skirt and especially on their own as a sexy, elegant piece of lingerie.

This is the best option for your Doll. Everybody has their preference, and there is no reason why those who prefer a black corset on his Doll shouldn’t have that option available. In this manner, you can customize the size, shape, and ethnicity of your Doll. This also includes breast size, which is great for the customer who might prefer small perky breasts or larger breasts, for their own reasons. This kind fo attention to detail can truly enhance the experience, as you can feel as though you are truly spending the night with the woman of your dreams. You can also pick a corset for your Doll.


Overbust Corsets

Overbust corsets are fabulous statement pieces which support your bust, shape your body and make you look and feel sexy and confident. We have overbust corsets for all occasions: party wear, prom outfits, formal wear, or just as an everyday corset. Whether you’re looking for a sexy elegant piece of lingerie or a statement piece to show the world, our overbust corset style range provides a variety of bust-line shapes to suit every decolletage.

Bridal Corsets


Our beautiful range of bridal corsets and wedding corsets will make you look and feel special on your wedding day. All hand made with spiral steel boning, our bridal corsets are available as standard sizes but for a perfect fit, we offer many with a made to measure option. Our bridal corsets are suitable to wear under your wedding gown or as the eye catching top of a beautiful wedding outfit.