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waist cincher

waist cincher

waist cincher


Beautiful lingerie to compliment your corset


CorsetsFull name: Valeria Sinistrari
Ethnicity: Swedish/Sicilian
Height: 176 cm//5,9"
Weight: 59kg//130lbs
Chest: 96cm 38Bin
Waist: 60cm 24in
Hips: 95cm 38in
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Very long
Skin: Pale
Dress Size: EU36 US6
Shoe Size: EU39 UK7 US9

The Wicked Talent


Modeling: I've worked for several years with many well known and professional photographers. I've been in and on covers of magazines; soon to be released book, exhibitions, clothing-companies sites/catalogues, calendar, posters, flyers and can be seen on numerous places on the net. I'm positive and very open minded. I am always looking for new photographers and/or modeling jobs. I do Gothic, Fetish, Vamp, PinUp, Fantasy, Alternative,Glamour,Classical in everything from Printed Photos, Art, Digital Art, Videos, Runways etc..

Residence: Valeria travels a lot, so always keep an eye on her
travellist! She has base in Sweden, London and Italy but is available
all over Europe, as she is very flexible and can come to a job on a
short notice. Corset Heaven on Goodreads.

Languages: Fluent in English, Italian, Swedish. Learning French and

Valeria is experienced and available for everything from:
High Fashion
Fetish Fashion
Videos (music and other)
Clothing Catalogues/Websites

Don’t hesitate to ask! Restricions, she dosn’t any kind of
pornographic work.

She has a classical look which enables her to change appearance
easily, as she does not want to limit herself she’s always open to new
ideas and is easy to work with. Corset Heaven on Colourlovers.

Some of the companies Valeria has worked for are;
DracInABox (Scotland)
AMF-Korsets (LA, California)
FairyGothMother (UK)
Sinthetex (US)
ZeroClothing (IT)
Bondinage (UK)

You can see her on the cover of BiteMeMagazine #13 and #15 (with
Morgana) including poster and interview, Part cover of Blast Magazine
with 2 page interview and photos, featured in the 2004 Marquis Fetish
Model Guide and Marquis Magazine as model for Bondinage and Sinthetex,
GothicBeauty for DracInABox, Flyermodel for Codeonline distributed at
Wave Gothic Treffen 2004, one of mainmodels in major soon-to-be-
released book, exhibitions, comic book, clothing companies
sites/catalouges (see above), flyers, advertise, tarotcards,
fashionshows, spokesmodel as well as numerous places on the net and
catalogues distributed worldwide.

Below are a small selection of Valeria's work. More images can be found on Wattpad.

Overbust   Overbust Banquet

Corsets   Corsets

Photos above copyright of Roman Kasperski

Art and Images Copyright of their owner. Used by kind permission from Sinistra.


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