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Beautiful lingerie to compliment your corset

Sexy? Of corset is.

The Mirror (London, England); 8/27/2001

Byline: OLLIE PICTON JONES Fashion Director

AS NICOLE Kidman found when she played a tragic heroine in the film Moulin Rouge, out next month, there is nothing like a corset to accentuate a girl's curves.

Whether you are tied in, zipped up or buttoned up, a corset will give you the perfect hour-glass figure.

Catherine Zeta Jones chose a black one for the cover of Vanity Fair - perfectly flattering after childbirth. And Kate Winslet wore a boned corset to show off her weight loss in this month's In Style magazine.

So what can a corset do for the rest of us? We photographed four women ranging from a size 8 to a 14 in ordinary clothes, then corset tops, and compared their bust, waist and hip measurements.


VITAL STATISTICS: Before: 32 - 26 - 34 A

fter: 33 - 24 - 34

NIA, 21, a nanny from Pembrokeshire, says: "I'd never worn a corset in my life until last year when a friend persuaded me into one for my 21st birthday party.

"I have to admit, corsets make you far more shapely than without. This one definitely gives me a bigger bust, although I do feel my chest is virtually up to my chin. I've always liked the look of corsets in costume dramas on TV, but never imagined I'd end up wearing one - and liking it. But you really have to be toned to avoid bits of flab falling over the edges.

"I wouldnt go "girly" with a corset though - with a dress or skirt. I'd only ever wear one with funky flared pants or my favourite shredded-leg Diesel jeans."

Red corset, pounds 180 from Kyri. 020 8365 7614

Black cords, pounds 39.99 from Fishtank. 020 7713 8558.

Keri Gardiner Size 10


Before: 33 - 25 - 35

After: 34 - 24- 25

KERI, 24, a secretary from Essex, says: "I have a black velvet corset from Top Shop. It makes me feel really sophisticated. But it can be very constricting and uncomfortable.

"I'm quite flat-chested and it gave me curves in all the right places.

"The Moulin Rouge corsets are fabulous to dress up in but with the flowers and the trim would probably be a bit much for me."

Velvet floral trimmed corset, pounds 105 Ad Hoc, black lace skirt, pounds 45 from Diva.

Feather boa, pounds 10 from Ad Hoc.

Tights pounds 5 from Aristo tel 01773 525 528




VITAL STATISTICS Before: 38 - 31 - 38

After: 36 - 28 - 36

LARA, 28, a mother and part-time caterer from North London, says: "After having two children I'm not as slim in the waist as I was, so I'm grateful for any help in that area.

"I'm really surprised at how this corset looks - I was very unsure of it, it had very little hanger appeal.

"But it does the trick, squeezing me in and pushing cleavage up.

"Now I must admit I would wear it, but probably with jeans rather than a skirt because I'm not very ladylike."

Pink PVC corset, pounds 20 from Wit and Wisdom. 020 8965 4833.

Pink skirt, pounds 20 from Blue Nile [at] Freemans. 0800 900 200


VITAL STATISTICS Before: 38 - 30 - 40 After: 36.5 - 28 - 39

LINKA, 23, a photography student from Bournemouth, says: "Corsets are excellent for bigger girls like me because they hold you in. But it also makes me feel a bit over the top. The danger is corsets can look too vampy if you're top heavy. That's why I'd never get up and dance in this. I'd be too scared about popping out."



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