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The stem develops - An excerpt from Snowballs ongoing tightlacing diary.

Christmas 2003

Training with the new stem waisted corset was going slowly, but by Christmas, i was starting to get used to it.

Getting more confident, i decided to wear my green Victorian gown to my office Christmas party. Mistress J was away that night, so i had to get a college to do up the back of the dress. To say i caused a stir is something of an understatement. i managed to dance most of the evening, even after eating the meal.


Christmas itself was a little over indulgent and i took some time off from the corset. When i returned to work and started to corset as before Christmas, my body objected. i rapidly developed a skin sore on my right side. It took weeks of care and padded dressings* before i could start training down again.

(*Savlon Hydrocolloid Dressings, i trim off the adhesive.

During a trip to Birmingham, i spotted a lovely beaded "corset" on a dummy in a normal shop window. i simply had to take a look. It turned out not to be a corset, but a very elasticated bustier. However, trying it on in the shop over my normal corset, it totally hid the corset underneath and looked stunning. The shop assistants couldn't believe it as i left the changing room to show Mistress Jessica. i simply had to have it.

Spring 2004, 20.5"

i set myself the target of getting the corset closed by the spring Whitby Gothic Weekend. With considerable effort, i made it just in time, though i wasn't comfortable sitting in cars for a long time.

i wore the black beaded top over a velvet skirt on the first night of Whitby, including going out for a meal with Mistress Jessica's parents (picture right). They were somewhat impressed when they saw my figure for the first time. Still, having a SM dyke daughter, not much surprises them any more.

We did the annual walk around town in my black lace dress, but also went out for a longer walk in the country (picture below). Away from all the other goths, the people we encountered didn't know quite what to make of me!!!

By May, i was comfortable with the corset closed and decided to order my next, a 1 1/2 inch stem, no more than 20" when closed. C&S came up with the stunning creation with a terrifyingly small 19" waist. They took me at my word when i said i'd prefer it a little too small than a little too large.


This article was reproduced by kind permission of . This is just a small part of her ongoing diary as she trains her waist smaller and smaller. The rest of the diary can be found on at


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