Making Corsets

Creating a Corset
by Asenath
Some time back I *finally* decided to try and sew a corset. Just the right thing when you’re basically a beginner at sewing 😳 .

First problem: Where to find a good pattern? There are a couple of nice standard-sized patterns available but most of them would have to be altered heavily to be “efficient” on my size. As I also lack a reasonable amount of bosom, most overbust corset patterns available are also a big no-no.


As I didn’t REALLY want to start with something historically correct (help, WHERE does that little piece go again?!), I decided to draft my own underbust corset pattern for a start and use the project to gain the basic corset-making skills.

Looking through my fabrics (who else here buys fabric thinking “you never know what it can be turned into”?) I found some REALLY sturdy twill, some golden brocade-ish fabric and some undefinable black fabric, along with some boning I bought ages ago in order to repair a plastic boned Fredericks of Holliwood bodice and a busk that was left from an old corset that had fallen apart. Oh, and 10 m of black narrow zig-zag ribbon

Corset material.