Popular Corsets for Dolls

There are several popular brands of corsets for your doll you can choose of:

Vollers Corsets

Vollers Company is one of the oldest established corset makers in the world. They continue to produce traditionally made, steel boned corsets, renowned for their high quality and authenticity since 1899. Vollers beautiful authentic designs are based on original historical patterns reminiscent of the 19th century. Each Vollers corset is individually crafted from start to finish in their own factory in Portsmouth England, using the finest steel hardware, materials and fabrics available.


Vollers range is among the most affordable corset lines in the world. Universal in its appeal, it offers exquisite designs that cater to all tastes and markets including traditional, classic, elegant, bridal, fetish, gothic, and transgender. Customers can choose from a variety of colors and textures, in exceptional fabrics of satin, brocade, Chinese silk, velvet, leather, pvc, denim, glitter and more. The pictures below represent a small selection of the Vollers Products we stock. Please use the side menu to browse the full ranges.

In addition, there is the idea that men can use their doll as a companion. Human beings have needs, and it is true that men often end up cheating when their partner is pregnant, or busy with other commitments, whether it is professional or otherwise. The realistic doll can be a way for a couple to compromise, and know that it can be used as a practical release, so that it doesn’t stir any feelings of infidelity or insecurity. The right corset for doll can help with this. The partner might feel better, knowing that they aren’t being actually replaced by another partner, for example.

Snobz Products

Snobz offer a beautiful collection of traditional and modern back laced, fully boned corsets in a wide variety of high quality fabrics. The styles shown throughout the collection are available in all suitable fabrics.

Snobz corsets

All Snobz corsets are handmade by their experts in our office and factory complex in Hampshire, England. The pictures below represent a small selection of the Snobz products we stock. Please use the side menu to browse the full ranges.

Axfords Products

Axfords is a unique company, which mixes Victorian traditions with modern technology to supply corsets worldwide, both retail and wholesale. They are a privately owned family business over 120 years old established in 1880. They moved to their present factory in the center of Brighton (on England’s south coast) 40 years ago. Michael Hammond and took over as owner from his mother Jean 15 years ago.

Axfords Corsets

Axfords pride themselves on the quality of their garments, their high standard of customer care and the speed of their delivery. All corsets are made in the their own factory, and (unlike most modern garments, whose parts are made by different machinists, sewn together at the end), each corset is made from start to finish by one of Axfords highly skilled corsetieres.