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We welcome those from the transvestite; transsexual and transgender communities. A corset is the quickest and easiest way to produce those beautiful, feminine curves.

Even first time corset wearers can expect to take 2 - 4” easily and comfortably off their waist. A corset will provide the proper positioning of a female waist, ensuring that feminine clothing gives a better fit and will improve posture and self confidence. A female waist is usually located approximately one inch above the navel while a male waist is usually one inch below.  A 2" waist reduction is a good start but a
4"+ reduction begins to create substantial curves that a lady would be proud of.

All of our corsets are designed to give a shapely, feminine form to all sizes and types of figure but certain styles are particularly suitable for the male figure.

The first consideration is an under bust or over bust corset.

We believe the most comfortable corset style for a first-time wearer is an underbust as it is the most easily disguised corset when wearing underneath clothing (male or female), or in case you cannot reveal your corset interests at work or at home. It is easy to get used to, and will lace down more easily and comfortably than an overbust corset style. An underbust corset can be quite versatile when worn over a blouse or dress; this has been a key fashion statement over the last couple of years and can still be seen on celebrities and fashionistas.

Underbust styles that work well are Juno Corset and Arinna Corset

If you would prefer to start with an overbust corset then you need to consider what breast enhancements you will use with the corset. Some clients like to use the corset to enhance their natural chest, many use padding or ‘chicken fillets' that are widely available, others use traditional breast forms.  You must take your measurements whilst wearing any enhancements that you intend to use with your corset (including hip padding if this will be worn).

Suitable overbust styles are Venus Corset and Athena Corset.

Whether you choose an underbust or overbust corset, please email your measurements and what you wish the corset to do for you and we will be happy to help with sizing and style recommendations.

Measurements required are:

Bra size worn
Fullest bust measurement (around your back and biggest part of the bust)
Under bust measurement
Female waist (1” above the navel)
Hip measurement

Why not visit our Corset Forumand meet others that have a passion for shaping their bodies as well as finding lots of useful corset information.