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Plus Size Corsets

As the leading online retailer of beautifully styled plus size corsets, we believe that everyone can look and feel truly stunning no matter what their size. We offer the largest range of plus sized corsets online. As well as offering our own brand plus size corsets in standard sizes up to 48” corset waist (natural 54” waist) we also offer made to measure plus size corsets to ensure a fabulous fit.   Our Axfords range of plus sized corsets go upto 34" corset waist; our Vollers and Value range plus sizes both go upto 38" corset waists.

Our plus size corsets help women to feel confident about their femininity. Traditionally made with spiral steel boning, strengthened waist tape, cotton lining and back lacing, our corsets will reduce your waist by up to 6” instantly. Our corsets will shape your figure, improve your posture, provide comfortable back and bust support but mostly they will make you feel sexy, confident and wonderful!

We can also add extra spiral steel boning to our own brand corsets for a more dramatic look for just £25 extra, please mention on the order form if interested and we will call you to discuss this further.
Axfords corsets - shop up to a Uk size 20 / US size 16 or 2X clothing (40" natural waist)
Vollers corsets - shop up to a Uk size 24 / US size 20 or 3X clothing (44" natural waist)
Corset Heaven corsets - shop up to a UK size 32 / US size 5X clothing (54" natural waist)